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Artist Statement

Janet is a self-taught Canadian artist based in Kelowna, British Columbia - an area known for its lakes, vineyards, rolling hills, dramatic weather and distinctive seasons. 

Her work is informed by the natural world and her decades of travel to foreign destinations. The scenes she depicts are inspired by real and imagined places, with works fluctuating between total abstraction and semi-realism. She particularly aspires to portray nature that is fleeting, ethereal and transitory: the glimpse of the mountain as the fog lifts or descends; the sense of movement as a breeze crosses a field; the ever-shifting boundary where water, the sky and land merge. She is drawn to themes of transformation, rebirth, movement, and impermanence and her work expresses an emotional response to nature's mystery and grandeur. 

Janet graduated from UBC Vancouver in psychology and worked in the field for 30 years.  After (a blissfully early) retirement, Janet revisited her first artistic love of photography and completed training in interior design, developing her appreciation of, and skills in, design elements and colour theory. Janet is continually exploring new ideas and mediums and works with acrylics, inks, and oil paints.

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